Mommy makeover

Pregnancy can change your body enormously. We understand very well that you may miss your old body. The Mommy makeover improves your body in the places that you suffer the most after your pregnancy. Such as your belly and breasts.

Mommy makeover

You know better than anyone how annoying it can be to accept the change of your body after one or more pregnancies. Nowadays you can ensure that your body can get the same shape back. The name says it all. This Mommy makeover tackles the areas that are most affected by women after pregnancy. Think of the breasts and/or the abdomen. The solutions for this can be, for example, abdominal wall corrections, breast lifts and breast enlargements.

A mommy makeover makes sure you are feeling satisfied again. That is why we at NHC would like to help you to feel beautiful again! Every person is special and you deserve to smile. So, come along for the intake and our professionals are happy to advise you on what is most suitable for you.


Abdominoplasty is another name for a hang-belly correction. Many women consider this after pregnancy or when they fluctuate with their weight. Hereby the excess skin with too much fatty tissue will be taken away. In addition, the abdominal muscles will be tightened if necessary by stretching the abdominal muscles. This procedure will also be corrected by liposculpture. Do you want a tight stomach again? Then consider undergoing an abdominoplasty. Contact one of our professionals for customized advice. At NHC you are in good hands. For clarity, we provide some additional information about this abdominal wall correction.

What can I expect from the treatment (abdominoplasty)?

Usually, an incision is made with abdominoplasty at the bikini line. This procedure usually lasts around 2 hours and you should definitely stay in our clinic for a day or 2. You are completely stunned during this treatment. The belly will become tighter and flatter through this treatment. A small scar could remain around the navel and within your bikini line.

When is abdominoplasty not recommended?

Some wounds can cause infections in the wounds. Patients who smoke, have diabetes or are overweight have a higher risk of these wound infections. After the operation, it is more difficult for these people to breathe through. The risk of inflammation in the lungs is also increased. The navel can also often move after the operation. The navel will therefore no longer be central. You must also bear in mind that scars occur after the operation. We, therefore, recommend that you do everything possible to ensure that the scar heals optimally. It is better to avoid the sun the first month after the procedure. At NHC we are happy to explain everything to you. Are you planning to take an abdominoplasty? Then immediately schedule a consultation and our plastic surgeons will be happy to explain everything to you!

Tummy tuck correction

Are you planning to take a tummy tuck correction? Then you are at the right place at NHC Clinic. Our clinic is located in Turkey. Keep in mind that you are unfit to work for 2 weeks after the tummy tuck and that you will not be able to exercise until then. Our professionals will indicate all do’s and don’ts during the consultation. Therefore, schedule a consultation in the Netherlands (or by phone) and find out what suits you best.

Other treatments

Learn more about our other treatments

Do you not feel satisfied with your breasts? Then consider breast correction. At NHC Clinic you can go for a breast augmentation, a breast lift, but of course also a breast reduction. Simple breast corrections for men are possible. All treatments at NHC are treated tailor-made.

Nowadays many women long for round, tight, full buttocks. If you are not satisfied with your buttocks, a buttock correction may be a good option for you. Read on if you want more information about the buttock corrections at NHC Clinic.

The shape of your nose largely determines the appearance of your face. Do you not find your nose attractive? Then a nose job might be something for you. In addition to improving your appearance, a nose job can also be good for your airways.

Your face is your calling card! Are you not satisfied with the proportions of your face? Do you suffer from weak facial skin? Then you are at the right place for a facelift at NHC Clinic! Read on for all specific details.

Are you dissatisfied with your figure? The liposuction treatment is performed a lot and removes your annoying fat deposits. This corrects the disproportionate proportions in your body and gives you the desired physique.