Buttock lift

Nowadays many women long for round, tight, full buttocks. If you are not satisfied with your buttocks, a buttock correction may be a good option for you. Read on if you want more information about the buttock corrections at NHC Clinic.

Butt lifting

Buttocks are one of the most important parts of a woman’s body and can sometimes be more defining than their breasts. A woman can quickly be dissatisfied with the shape, volume or tightness of her buttocks. That is why many women have a desire for round, full and tight buttocks. If you are not totally satisfied with your buttocks, NHC Clinic offers a good solution: the buttock correction in Istanbul. Are you interested in this treatment and would you like to have more information about it? Then read on and see what NHC Clinic can do for you.

About the treatment

A buttock correction that we perform in Istanbul is often referred to as a butt-lift. The treatment is suitable for women who are not satisfied with their buttocks and want more volume. It is also possible that you do not like the shape of your buttocks or the tightness. There are enough reasons why someone would like to have the buttocks corrected. Perhaps you have always had flat buttocks and have you always dreamed of beautifully shaped buttocks? It may also be that your buttocks have become flatter as you get older. Even with people who have lost a lot of weight, it can happen that the buttocks lose their shape.

At NHC Clinic we apply the condition to be eligible for a buttock correction in Istanbul. The condition is that your BMI is between 18 and 30. The most natural way to execute a buttock enlargement is lipofilling. This treatment transports fat from your own body into the buttocks. This fat is often extracted from your abdomen, hips or legs. During this treatment, you are under general anaesthesia.

Lipofilling billen

In addition to the lipofilling treatment for your buttocks, you will visit Istanbul and this is also a good opportunity to explore beautiful Turkey. Istanbul is a beautiful city to visit. This way it has an enormous amount of monuments and culture. So there are many sights to be found, including many museums, mosques and restaurants with traditional Turkish cuisines. In addition, there is still much to see from the former Constantinople. Istanbul is divided into two different parts, namely the Asian and European parts.

Buttock correction for men

At NHC Clinic we also offer a buttock enhancement or buttock correction for men. You don’t hear this often, but this type of treatment is more common than you may think. We recommend that you start in advance, even in conversation with one of our expert consultations. We will explain everything to you in this conversation. What all comes with a buttock correction for men, and what the result will be. NHC Clinic stands for personal and reliable treatment at an affordable price.

Other treatments

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