Plastic Surgery

Are you looking for a cosmetic procedure where you want to make your body more beautiful? With our plastic surgery, this is possible. You can choose for an implant or have a birth defect corrected.

Plastic surgery

Do you feel that despite your body being well cared for, there is something about your body that could be improved? For this you can go to our clinic with modern medical techniques for both women and men. But what are the real benefits of plastic surgery and which treatments offer the right solution? View our overview with the options. Many celebrities choose to adjust their body to their own taste. So why not you too? Come by for a free and no-obligation consultation.

What is plastic surgery?

Many people think of plastic surgery mainly about implants in breasts or buttocks. These procedures are only a small part of what plastic surgery actually entails. Because a congenital physical defect, tumor or burn can be remedied by a surgeon. The difference lies in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery, is used for customers who want to make themselves more beautiful based on their vision of their own appearance. Consider breast augmentation or buttock enlargement. Reconstructive surgery is an operation in which (congenital) physical abnormalities are corrected. This can be a congenital physical defect, burns due to coffee or tea or fireworks, congenital skin growths such as birthmarks or wine stains, drooping breasts or drooping upper eyelids. These abnormalities are very annoying and can be treated well by NHC Clinic. The benefits of plastic surgery are that after the treatment you can be yourself again or even better: you feel and look better and that is what we strive for.

The treatments

If you have a preference for a certain change in your body, we offer various treatments. Our treatments let you shine again with self-confidence. We offer the following treatments:

Breast augmentation

Do you need to make a physical change to your breasts? This can be both cosmetic and reconstructive. You can opt for breast correction, breast lifting, breast enlargement. Have you recently had breast cancer and would you like to gain your self-confidence again? Read the benefits for breast augmentation. Of course it is also possible to reduce your breasts.

Buttock enlargement

Do you want nicely-shaped buttocks but don’t want to pay too much? Recently, the request for buttock enlargement has risen enormously. That is why we offer our buttocks in Turkey. You will immediately see a difference after the treatment and you will become more confident about your body. There are various ways to lift or enlarge your buttock. Read more about our buttock size treatment.

Mommy makeover

Are you uncomfortable with sagging, stretched skin because you have had one or more pregnancies? With a mommy makeover you get back the desired forms of your body. Read more about the benefits of mommy makeover and see what we can do for you.

Nose job

Are you not satisfied with the shape of your nose or have trouble breathing through your nose? With the nose correction, we offer the solution to the shape of your nose. Both the appearance and the function of your nose. Poor air passage through your nose can cause nasty consequences. Read more about the benefits of a nose job.


Do you want your face to be as young as you feel inside? With a cosmetic procedure your wrinkles and sagging skin will be a thing of the past. A facelift is for both women and men. Everyone deserves to spend life with confidence. You also want to radiate a young inner self with your appearance. It starts with your face. Read more about our facelift and what we can do for you.

Liposuction treatment

Are you unsure about your disproportionate fat ratio on your body? Plastic surgery has many advantages. Among other things, the removal of disturbing fat deposits. This is also called liposuction. With liposuction, your own fat is used to contour your body. Read more about the benefits of liposuction.

Plastische chirurgie in Turkije

To make it affordable, we consciously choose to perform plastic surgery in Turkey. Due to the high quality of the treatments, you will not notice any difference with the end result. The only difference you will notice are the total package prices that we offer. The consultation takes place in the Netherlands. NCH ​​Clinic ensures that every patient is well informed, given proper precaution and, of course, good aftercare. The treatments take place in highly regarded hospitals in Istanbul. At the same time you are staying in a luxurious five star hotel.

Our treatments

Learn more about our treatments

Do you not feel satisfied with your breasts? Then consider breast correction. At NHC Clinic you can go for a breast augmentation, a breast lift, but of course also a breast reduction. Simple breast corrections for men are possible. All treatments at NHC are treated tailor-made.

Nowadays many women long for round, tight, full buttocks. If you are not satisfied with your buttocks, a buttock correction may be a good option for you. Read on if you want more information about the buttock corrections at NHC Clinic.

Pregnancy can change your body enormously. We understand very well that you may miss your old body. The Mommy makeover improves your body in the places that you suffer the most after your pregnancy. Such as your belly and breasts.

The shape of your nose largely determines the appearance of your face. Do you not find your nose attractive? Then a nose job might be something for you. In addition to improving your appearance, a nose job can also be good for your airways.

Your face is your calling card! Are you not satisfied with the proportions of your face? Do you suffer from weak facial skin? Then you are at the right place for a facelift at NHC Clinic! Read on for all specific details.

Are you dissatisfied with your figure? The liposuction treatment is performed a lot and removes your annoying fat deposits. This corrects the disproportionate proportions in your body and gives you the desired physique.