Teeth whitening

Smiling and laughing are often seen as signs of self-assurance and happiness. The more we laugh and smile, the better we feel. A confident smile is a way to attract others and to impress. Do you ever feel uncomfortable with the color of your teeth? At NHC Clinic we will make your teeth shine again by bleaching your teeth in Turkey at our new and modern clinic.

What makes your teeth discolor? 

The color of teeth and molars is different for everyone. Everyone has white teeth by nature. However, for some people, the teeth may be slightly yellower. For example, teeth discolor when you get older. The teeth can also discolor when you often drink coffee, tea, colored drinks such as cola and red wine or by smoking cigarettes and cigars.

Why whiten your teeth? 

The tooth bleaching procedure of NHC Clinic does much more than just whitening the teeth. After the process, self-confidence is stimulated thanks to a big smile that is achieved after the treatment. The patients of NHC Clinic are indeed very happy with the results when they have their teeth whitened in Turkey.

Is it expensive to whiten your teeth in Turkey?

The cost of the teeth whitening in Turkey is quite low compared to Western European countries. As with our other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as placing crowns and dental implants, you can save a lot of money on whitening your teeth in Turkey.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

No, most teeth whitening is not experienced as painful. It is possible that your teeth feel sensitive during and after the treatment. This usually does not last long and will disappear 24 hours after treatment.

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